Marinescape has been extremely active in the Aquarium Industry for past 28 years. We have completed 24 major projects, implemented 4 Design Contracts, we have 6 Aquariums Under development and 2 currently under construction and 130 further historical in-depth proposals. Over 250 million people have visited Marinescape aquariums. Click on the markers below to view our projects on various parts of the world.




Marinescape created the Underwater World walk-through aquarium which has become one of the greatest attractions in the leisure industry today.

Consumers world-wide continue to demand attractions which entertain the whole family with a trend towards understanding and protecting the environment as opposed to youth-oriented leisure parks.

Marinescape is especially successful in this rapidly expanding market with its development of the horizontally curved underwater tunnel. This concept revolutionized aquariums into becoming dynamic visitor attractions using the "Three E's" philosophy (Education of the Environment by Entertainment).

The oceans, seas, rivers and lakes cover two thirds of the earth's surface and all contain unique eco-climates and specialist habitats.  The Marinescape concept captures the public's curiosity for the unexplored depths of the underwater world.

The Marinescape SeaTubeTM offers a panoramic view of marine life, allowing visitors to explore this strange world from under the sea, leaving them with a strong desire to return.  It provides an exciting experience for visitors of all ages.

The Marinescape Underwater World concept is unique and widely accepted as "state of the art" in aquaria worldwide.

As aquariums become larger and more complex, so do the associated financial commitments, of capital investment and operating costs.  Aquariums generally rely on high visitation and entry prices to ensure profitability.  With these issues in mind, Marinescape has an ongoing commitment to deliver a cost effective facility to clients which will attract sustainable number of visitors at a reasonable entry fee. This concept is competitive in capital terms and in construction, operation and maintenance costs, without compromising the use of latest technology.

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