Astana, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Underwater World

The Aquarium of the Entertainment Centre Duman is the first aquarium to be built in the CIS. Is the only Aquarium in the world located over 3100 km away from the ocean.

Astana, Kazakhstan
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The overall volume of water in our Aquarium is 3 million litres and it required over 120 tons of special sea salt to produce this water. More than 2000 of sea inhabitants, the representatives of over 100 species of ocean fauna from different parts of the world live in Duman Aquarium.

The unique life support system supports the very heart of the Aquarium. It contains 11 km of pipework made of materials that are harmless to the species of aquarium, 34 very powerful pumps and 6 large sand filters, the capacity of each filter over 200 thousand litres of water and water clearing system as well that provides the essential chemical composition and clarity of the water.

Aquarium is a dream came true for many thousands of people of Kazakhstan living in the boundless steppesto see a fragment of ocean life and to take an inside look at the underwater kingdom located in Astana.

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