Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Underwater World

Underwater World Pattaya is a leisure attraction showcasing the rich variety of marine life found around the region. Situated at Pattaya, it complements the many other educational and recreational activities available at this beautiful seaside resort.

Pattaya, Thailand
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At Underwater World Pattaya, visitors are taken on a 'voyage to the bottom of the sea' , which begins at the sandy beaches and shallow rock pools at the water's edge. From here, they start their descent, passing brightly colored corals and all kinds of exotic ocean-dwellers along the way. Finally they come to a spectacular 100 meter-long tunnel with acrylic windows, home to great shoals of fish, prowling predators and a host of other creatures that inhabit the ocean depths.

At Underwater World, Pattaya's Aquarium, you can walk-through aquarium with a decent collection of fish, sharks, turtles, coral, eels, starfish, stingray, etc. You will observe some of the world's most beautiful creatures grow in tropical waters. Corals in all shapes and colors are formed by millions of tiny animals called polyps. Some of the 2,500 species of soft and card coral can be found.


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