Xiamen, China

Xiamen Underwater World

Underwater World Xiamen is located in the scenic Gulangyu Island. It occupies a land area of 1.75 hectares with a total floor area of 7708 square meters. It was officially opened to the public on 1st January, 1998

Xiamen, China
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It is a tourist attraction with entertainment and education all under one large scale aquarium. It is the only national level Science Education base in Fujian Province. There are four main attractions within Underwater World Xiamen - the Freshwater aquarium; the Marine aquarium; the Sperm Whale specimen exhibition Hall; and the Dolphin & Sealion performance hall. These attractions enable visitors to understand, appreciate and stay close to the underwater world.

Underwater World Xiamen is situated in the subtropical area that suitably breeds many beautiful tropical fishes, hence it displays a great varieties of ornamental fish. Altogether 350 species and nearly 10,000 fishes are kept within the Aquarium.  The Aquarium displays most kind of precious marine species from every sea of China, as well as Australia and Amazon River. Species that have been kept in the last 10 years since the opening of the Aquarium have grown in size, typically the 150-kg Giant Lithosporic, the 2-meter long Arapaima and the 3-meter long sawfish. They have become the Aquarium's star attractions. Moreover, Underwater World Xiamen is home to the biggest and most complete sperm whale specimen in China. At 18.6 meters in length and 48 tons in weight, it assimilates a submarine!

Under Water World Xiamen is a comprehensive tourist destination. The species are rare and precious and the entertaining dolphin and sealion performance is indeed the centre of attraction. A near 100-meter long underwater viewing tunnel allows visitors to stay within close proximity with the marine species and feel the charm of the underwater world. The biggest octopus sculpture stands erect at the entrance of Underwater World Xiamen to warmly welcome visitors from all over the world.


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